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  • "There's nothing more valuable in your life than your time. And therefore how you spend your time is the most important decision you have to make."

    -Gene Rivers

Prospr planner sprint edition

A productivity planner and gratitude journal beautifully blended into one notebook.

Thoughtfully crafted, the PROSPR Planner Sprint Edition is the perfect tool to boost your productivity, crush your goals, and achieve work-life balance.  Structured for managing your everyday schedule and planning family time, it also provides a blueprint for conducting daily, weekly, and monthly reviews.  Holding you accountable and anchored to your goals and ultimate vision.  Each day lets you express your morning and evening gratitude; which improves your health, enhance sleep, and increases happiness.

Sleek and elegant, this planner offers 100gsm high-quality paper(no ink bleed), 3 ribbon book marks, sewn binding, and an eco-friendly composite cover.  Stay organized with a back cover pocket folder, productivity stickers, idea book, and so much more.

5 Stars Product

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  • "The man who is certain to advance is the one who is too large for his place and who has a clear vision of where he wants to be."

    -Wallace Wattles

2018 PROSPR Planner Mastery Edition


SET GOALS AND ACHIEVE THEM ALL.   This weekly and monthly tabbed planner can help you get better work done in less time! Balance and Harmonize your life effortlessly, achieve all your aspirations and make every dream come true. Write down your thoughts, ideas, plans, and actions regarding your family, health, lifestyle, and fitness workouts. Fill the mastery habits section, praise yourself, capture your victories, and discover the new you. Regain influence and make an impact!

INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY & FOCUS: Open this spiral journal and check out all its smart sections. Enjoy the vision board, the mind maps, ample space for your creative ideas, and inspirational quotes to get you going. Comes with password, contact and note section. Never forget a password again. Enjoy increased productivity, enhanced focus and endless inspiration! Ideal for to do lists, billionaire ideas and tips. Focus on what truly matters: Family, Faith, and Fulfillment.

Tabbed 12 Month 2018 Planner, 3 ribblon bookmarks, vision board, productivity stickers, back pocket folder, passwords & contacts sheets, weekly reviews, calendars, and so much more!

5 Stars Product

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We believe that family is the foundation to a good society.  Unfortunately, issues arise and families split apart. That’s why a portion of our profits supports restoring broken families.  Your purchase helps us assist charities and non-profits who advocate for victims of domestic violence. We also donate profits to children adoption services.

5 Stars Product



  • "Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort."

    -Paul J. Meyer


OUR MISSION IS TO BUILD STRONGER FAMILY BONDS! That’s why we offer a LIFETIME 100% satisfaction guarantee for our planning notebooks.  We are real people who use our own products every day. We expect the best for our family and want the same for you. If you have any issues or problems with our product, simply return it and receive a full refund.  No questions asked. 

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  • “Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.”

    – Fitzhugh Dodson