5 powerful tips for Teaching your kids to be entrepreneurs

September 01, 2017

5 powerful tips for Teaching your kids to be entrepreneurs



There is no doubt that we all want the best future for our children. The modern world is showing us a completely different direction for people looking to succeed in life. The idea of studying a certain career just to be able to apply for a job and secure a position within a company is no longer as appealing as it used to be. Being your own boss and creating your own business venture seems like a much more flexible and exciting way to make a living and it’s also a better way to achieve financial freedom if you have success with your entrepreneurial projects.

Today, we are going to give you 5 powerful and important tips that will help you encourage your kids to become entrepreneurs.

1 -Teach Them to Embrace Failure and Seek It

Yes, this might sound a little crazy when you read it, but the thing is that failure is not something to be seen as negative. The highly successful Spanx CEO Sara Blakely shared a story about her dad always asking what she had failed at during the week during dinner. She would share what she failed at and her dad would high five her and tell her that she had done a good job.

What her dad was doing was showing her that failure is actually an important part of success. You need to fail as much as possible if you want to be successful and you have to embrace failure completely. The only failure is not trying, but when you try and you fail, you are moving towards your goals and that is an undeniable truth.

2 - Encourage Them to Start Small Business Ventures

Does your kid want a new toy or an expensive video game console? You could use this as a perfect opportunity to encourage them to start a small business to save money. They could sell lemonade, cut lawns, and wash vehicles. The idea is for them to start learning the value of money and this also helps them develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


If you can teach your children the value of money by making them work hard for the things they want, you will be doing them a huge favor. This is going to help them grow up with the habit of working for the things they want to own or the activities they want to enjoy.

3 - Encourage Them to Ask Questions

When you encourage children to be curious and ask questions if they have doubts, you are showing them that it’s perfectly fine not to know something, but it’s not good to remain in the dark about that information if they have a chance to get answers for it. Asking questions is a habit that helps people tremendously in life, so encourage it as much as you can.

When people avoid asking questions because they don’t want to be perceived as unprepared, they are only harming themselves and compromising their ability to grow and evolve. Knowledge can only be achieved when constantly ask questions.

4 - Let Them Solve Problems

Showing your children that you can solve problems and jump hurdles efficiently is going to give them a strong foundation that will encourage them to become entrepreneurs. If they can see you handle the pressures and the problems that come from being your own boss, they will grow up considering this to be the right choice to make.

You should encourage them to be problem solvers too. You can do this by making sure that they solve small problems on their own without your assistance. This can begin with simple time management problems that they can learn to find ways to overcome them alone.

5 - Show Them How to Manage Their Time

Showing a child how to manage their time is a very valuable tool that they will use for the rest of their lives. Part of this process means helping them learn about the dangers of procrastination and the importance of being able to prioritize the things they need to get done because they can spend time doing the things they want to do.
You can start by showing them a simple time productivity method of getting chores and homework with a timer. They can spend 25 minutes working and then they can take a 5-minute break. This is one of the best ways to show them how to properly structure their lives.

Final Thoughts

Showing your children the value of becoming entrepreneurs is going to be very important when they grow up. The modern world is for those who make bold decisions and take their chances with entrepreneurial ideas. The more you encourage that kind of behavior in your children, the better their chances of achieving great results with any business venture when they grow up.

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